Red Coral Wellness and Retirement Resort

Situated on the breathtaking coast of the Red Sea, Egypt, where the mountains and the sea create a spectacular backdrop, The Red Coral Wellness and Retirement Resort (under development) is a sustainable, eco-friendly and diverse destination that serves the interests of those who wish to live and retire with health, balance and vitality. The resort embodies the Art of Healthy Balanced Active Life by offering:
  • Independent Senior Living, a housing and lifestyle option for older adults 55+ who value their independence and seek to live among like-minded peers who share their passion for healthy, balanced, and active living. The resort provides apartment-style accommodations, along with various amenities and services such as security, maintenance, transportation, housekeeping, social and recreational activities, and dining options. Seniors residing in the resort will experience a safe, stimulating, and supportive community while preserving their autonomy and freedom.
  • Advanced Clinic, to address a gap in the healthcare services, particularly chronic disease, for foreigners living the region. It will utilize a state-of-the-art virtual care software application, developed by one of the founders and currently used in Canada, to provide the resort residence and visitors with healthcare services and maintain their connections with their healthcare providers in their home countries. The clinic will also provide at home nursing services.
  • Wellness Center, a distinctive wellness center that adopts holistic evidence-based methods and care models, to enhance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healthy balanced living and to facilitate the management of chronic diseases.

The Red Sea

healthy balanced living

The Red Sea, Egypt, is a popular destination for many people from different countries who are looking for a relaxing and enjoyable retirement. The Red Sea is known for its stunning coral reefs, underwater life, and mesmerizing blue waters, which attract divers and snorkelers from around the world. It is blessed with warm, sunny weather throughout the year, making it an ideal destination for those who appreciate a sun-drenched lifestyle. Compared to other coastal destinations in the world, the Red Sea region offers a relatively low cost of living, allowing residents to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank. The Red Sea region is home to a rich history and cultural heritage, with influences from the Pharaonic, Islamic, and Ottoman eras. This diversity is reflected in the food, art, music, and traditions of the region; it is also home to modern, world-class infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and entertainment venues.

Abu Soma Bay

Abu Soma Bay, Red Sea in Egypt, is 45 km (28 mi) south of Hurghada International Airport and about 28 km (17 mi) north of Safaga port. Abu Soma Bay, generally experiences a hot and dry desert climate, with temperatures frequently reaching above 35°C (95°F) during the summer months (June to September). The winter period (December to February) is milder, with temperatures averaging around 20°C (68°F). Rainfall is rare throughout the year, with most precipitation occurring during the winter season. However, Abu Soma Bay is known for its relatively constant and moderate winds, which make it a popular destination for water sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing.

It is one of the charming nature places that combine picturesque beaches that feature wonderful blue water and exquisite coral reefs that attract many tourists from all over the world, along with recreational facilities such as diving centers, water games and distinctive sports fields, the most famous golf courses.

Transfer to Luxor is no mean feat. Standing on the site of the ancient city of Thebes, the city is a four-and-a-half-hour drive from Soma Bay through desolate, remote stretches of desert, punctuated by the occasional military checkpoint.

In few hours from Abu Soma Bay, you can be in Luxor and headed to the entrance of Karnak, a temple dating back to the Middle Kingdom of Egypt some 4,000 years ago. You can be in Cairo to visit the pyramids, in Alexandria to see the Roman and Greed historical sites, or in Sinai to visit St. Catherine’s monastery.

We have lived most of our life studying hard, working hard, caring for others; now it is the time to care of ourselves. Imagine, enjoying the sun every day, enjoying doing what we like to do, and living a healthy balanced life; this is the Art of Living. Red Coral Wellness and Retirement Resort, applies the traditional approaches for healthy balanced living, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects; to deliver a truly holistic approach to life. The resort Wellness Team ensures that every single day is dynamic and vibrant with a multitude of programs that include specialized exercise classes, natural holistic therapy, culinary demonstrations, bus excursions, special events, art & crafts, etc. The resort’s geriatric trained and highly skilled staff offer something for everyone.

Physical: Participation in activities that help maintain or improve overall health and functional ability. A gym with specialized equipment for balance, strength, flexibility and cardiac endurance, we will also offer more passive, instructor-led classes such as yoga, Tai-Chi, and Latin Dancing.

Mental: The resort’s circles of learning offer educational sessions on the local environment, marine ecosystem, balanced living, managing chronic diseases, and history of Egypt. In addition, the resort organizes visits to historical, theological, and natural healing locations; as well as organizing tournaments for engaging residence in intellectually stimulating activities that promote lifelong learning, the exploration of new ideas and stimulation of the mind.

Spiritual: For Indigenous peoples, fostering a connection with the Creator, between themselves, and the environment is deeply important, and one of the key foundations of spirituality. Through the resorts educational programs and tours; residents will explore their beliefs and values that create personal peace and contribute to a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, and personal understanding. In addition, the presence of both sea and mountains, where the resort is located, can have a calming and grounding effect that can help improve spiritual well-being, meditation, and personal reflection.

Emotional: The resort provides residents with opportunities for meeting new friends; feelings of being a valued member of the community; knowing and being known; feeling of being at home; connection; enhanced relationships to develop deeper emotional connections.

Chronic Diseases Management Program

Our chronic diseases management program is based on evidence-based holistic, clinical, and wellness methods; customized to meet each individual conditions through personalized medical care and wellness plans, developed by a team of experts and utilize our state-of-the-art digital health solution. The program consists of two modules: A 4-day program, Lotus JumpStart; to transform your perspective on chronic diseases management to help accelerate you towards your healthy balanced living goals.

The second module, Lotus Circle; a monthly one-day group meeting with our healthcare team and guest speakers to review how we are following our care and wellness plans, share ideas among ourselves, and learn more from out guest speakers about the topics we chose.


Red Coral Wellness and Retirement Resort is committed to significantly reduce our environmental impact through green best-practices in maintenance, services, logistics, products, and supplies. The core elements revolve around reducing waste, saving energy, and cutting down on water usage; and leveraging the most innovative concepts and technologies to deliver project that actively enhance the well-being of residence, community and the environment.

Among the measures that Red Coral Wellness and Retirement Resort will implement to ensure high sustainability standards are:
  • Utilizing renewable energy, solar energy and geothermal heating and cooling system.
  • Use of a green roof to maintain biodiversity and enhance building performance.
  • Use water-efficient technologies such as moisture sensors, micro irrigation systems for watering the grounds.
  • Use of eBike, eScooter, and Golf cart.
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